From where should I start ?

  • First you need to Register.
  • You will get a bonus of $1 to test our services.
  • You can Deposit any amount from $1 to $1000 at a time using our payment gateways.
  • Finally you can choose your required service from our New Order Page and make purchases.

Why does the order status show Partially Completed ?

If your order shows that it is partially completed it means that the server cannot deliver any further likes/followers/fans to your post/profile/page [ Mostly because the maximum amount has been already delivered] and the money for the remaining followers/fans/likes will be refunded and added to your balance automatically.

For example : If you ordered 1000 Followers for $2 and the order is half way to completion. Then 50% of the money that you paid will be refunded and added to your balance.